How to fill out yuo form

Use airSlate PDF to fill out, edit, and share any PDF document online in a matter of seconds.
Upload How to fill out yuo form to airSlate PDF by using the Upload PDF button or simply drag and drop it in the upload area
When the document is transferred, you’ll be taken to the editing tool. To start working, choose which tool you’d like to employ from the toolbar at the top. Complete the How to fill out yuo form form with needed information by clicking the Add Text button and typing it on the PDF
Change the font, size, style, and color of the text to make it look exactly how you need it
Click Edit to start editing the original PDF content. Change text font, size, color, and style. Move your text or delete it using the toolbar that appears above the text when you click on it
Use the Undo button to cancel your previous action and go back one step
When you’ve finished editing, click Done to save your changes
Video instructions on how to fill out
yuo form