Did you know?

Portable Document Format or PDF is considered as the safest way to store text and official documents such as circulars, forms, user manuals, etc. due to the belief that changes cannot be made to the PDF files. Doing so on a computer is not that tough, but when it comes to editing a PDF on an android phone, the task becomes daunting
Be careful when putting a PDF together because there are many ways for things to go wrong. One big problem is getting an image in a PDF to look just right. If the bleed isn’t set up right or is missing, then it will look weird when a PDF recipient tries to print it
Barcodes have become very common in today’s world. You see a barcode on almost everything you come across nowadays. There is no denying the fact that the traditional pricing system has effectively given way to barcodes in order to reinvent the system in a more pragmatic and quicker manner