Did you know?

Use Dropbox and e-signature tools together to take a contract from first draft to final PDF to signature quickly, easily, and securely. Share files and request signatures directly from your Dropbox account and automatically save these updates back to your shared folders. You can also add multiple signers to the same document stored in Dropbox, making it easy to keep your whole team in sync. You don’t have to buy the software or download anything
e-Signatures are one of those indispensable tools that allow businesses to conduct agreements and contracts, without ever meeting in person. With businesses doing away with large campuses, and instead opting for more spread-out formats for their personnel, and more people than ever before working from home or from distant locations, e-signatures are seeing a surge in popularity. Use one of the leading e-signature programs with PDF Reader
To try a different type of signature, return to the window for adding your signature and choose Draw. Using your finger or a stylus, draw your signature in the window (Figure E). Again, make sure the option to Save Signature is checked if you want to retain this signature