Did you know?
Whether you're dealing with forms, brochures, instructional guides or other business documents, PDF files remain a popular choice because there's wide compatibility for opening them on computers and mobile devices. If you need to add an annotation, provide your signature, or fill out a PDF form, you can usually do so using the built-in PDF editor on your Mac called Preview. The steps for using this software for PDF editing depend on the type of text you're trying to add and whether you're dealing with a fillable PDF
Whether you’re using them for business, school, or general use, PDF files are a fantastic way to share information. The great thing about PDF documents is that their content doesn’t change no matter what kind of program you use to open them or what device you’re viewing them on. This makes PDF documents ideal for important information that could be open to misinterpretation if the document’s style or formatting was changed
Once you have the PDF document open in Preview  (or Quick Look), try clicking in the space where the PDF indicates you should enter some data. It is possible you will be able to type there - sometimes PDFs have been set up in such a way that Preview can tell where text should be entered. If that is the case adding text is a simple case of clicking in the correct area and typing