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If the core data relating to the PAN (the applicant's name, date of birth, father's name (for individual), name and date of incorporation [for non-individual]) provided in the application substantially varies with the PAN data in the ITD database and the applicant has not requested for the change in the same with sufficient support documents, the applicant will be intimated of this variance. In such case the applicant will have to provide necessary support documents
(a)  Add a first, middle, or last name in accordance with a naming convention (e.g., adding a matrilineal surname) (e.g., “Jose Gonzalez” to “Jose Gonzalez Perez,” or “Volodia Shevchuk” to “Volodia Ivanovich Shevchuk”).  This is an exception to the policy that the name must appear on the evidence of U.S. nationality or ID.  If you cannot determine the origin of the name on the basis of a naming convention, you must treat this as a material name change and appropriate documentation required (see 8 FAM 403.1-4)