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A watermark is a text or image placed under the main text layer. Text watermarks allow indicating the status of your document (for example, confidential, draft etc.). Image watermarks allow adding an image, for example, the logo of your company
See how to add Watermark PDF Pages Using Quick Action in MacOS on Mac. Set Your Company logo or Image as a transparent background of all PDF pages without any tools or software. Follow the Step by Step Guide to Create Automator Shortcuts for Add Watermark on PDF Pages at once
Watermarking is a feature that allows text to be written to every page in a print job. Typical uses of watermarkingWatermarking is a feature that allows you to print a small portion of text to the top or bottom margin of every page. Typical uses of watermarking include adding a username to the bottom of every page to help identify the owner, writing job metadata in the footer such as print time, printer or document name, and applying a digital signature to help track and verify documents