Did you know?
In order to get a paper application into Grants Online, you must scan the application into an appropriate set of Public Document Format (PDF) files. The PDF files will be bitmap files in order to maintain the legal structure of the original document. Also, in order to get a multi-page project description into a PDF document, you need scanner software that allows the scanning of multiple sheets into a single multi-page PDF file
Being able to create and edit PDFs (aka Portable Document Format) is essential for proposal writers and managers. Unless the funder explicitly asks for an application to be submitted as a Word document, you should always submit your proposals as PDFs. Not only are PDFs more stable than Word documents, but they also look more polished
In 2020 the Bunnelle Foundation funded 82 different organizations that support Georgetown County and help the Foundation meet its mission to improve the quality of life for Georgetown County residents. The Bunnelle offices converted to working virtually and all in person activities were cancelled or transferred to Zoom. 52 organizations collectively raised more than $1.6M in funding over a 36 hour period