Did you know?

If you are uploading files you plan to edit online, you will need to convert them to Google Drive format. Converting allows you to edit a file and collaborate with others easily. Only certain file types—like Microsoft Office files and PDF documents—can be converted to Google Drive formats
Avoid the typical process of having to find a new solution every time you need to convert a file’s format. Our online converter helps you cope with presentations of any size by making it easy to convert PPT to PDF. Take advantage of additional AltoPDF solutions for editing your PDFs
Finding a free online tool to convert PDF files to PowerPoint presentations may seem simple when you search Google for options. A couple displayed messages that the file wasn’t “convertible,” two more provided “server errors,” and yet another only converted two of the 74 pages in the document. I used the same PDF file on all sites and tried to convert that same file on the problem sites more than once