Did you know?

Data is imported from a text, XML, or JSON file, or an Excel spreadsheet. Before uploading the file, check the fields and data naming conventions. The labels on the import document should closely match the labels for the fields they will be mapped to
When it comes to  selling and shipping your products outside of the United States, there are standard documents used for exporting. To know which  documents  are  needed  for an export shipment, the  best  place to start  is  your foreign  customer/importer or a  freight forwarder.  By obtaining correct information, you are helping your customer  efficiently  clear the goods with customs in the target market. 
This value is generally defined as the price actually paid or payable for merchandise when sold for exportation to the United States, excluding U.S. The term "price actually paid or payable" means the total payment (whether direct or indirect, and exclusive of any costs, charges, or expenses incurred for transportation, insurance, and related services incident to the international shipment of the merchandise from the country of exportation to the place of importation in the United States) made, or to be made, for imported merchandise by the buyer to, or for the benefit, of the seller