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AD Category I banks, through verification of documentary evidence, should be satisfied about the genuineness of the underlying exposure, irrespective of the transaction being a current or a capital account. Full particulars of the contracts should be marked on the original documents under proper authentication and retained for verification. In either of the cases, before offering the contract, the AD Category I banks should obtain an undertaking from the customer and also quarterly certificates from the statutory auditor (for details refer para B (b) for General Instructions)
Federal regulations require importers, exporters, or their agents, to submit import and export information for all merchandise shipments above the established exemption levels. Census Bureau has determined that not all required documents are filed, particularly for exports, as import information is subject to greater scrutiny by U.S. Goods withdrawn from Foreign Trade Zones (FTZs) for exportation, and exports of U.S
In the UK all export declarations must be made electronically to the National Export System (NES). Electronic declarations can be made by the exporter or their appointed representative to Customs Handling of Import and Export Freight (CHIEF). In some circumstances (for example a personal export) customs will enter export details to CHIEF on behalf of the exporter