Did you know?

You can also use image import/export to share custom images from Bring Your Own Image (BYOI) scenarios across tenancies and regions, so you don't need to recreate the image manually in each region. You must go through the steps required to manually create the image in one of the regions, but after this is done, you can export the image, making it available for import in additional tenancies and regions. Export the image in the .oci format, which is a file format that contains a QCOW2 image file and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure-specific metadata
The button in the toolbar in the Reports Explorer allows you to specify export options for the report. You can also click the Export Options button in the Preview window. These options are used in the Preview window when you email the report or upload it to an FTP server
The easiest way to cross out text on your iPhone, iPod or iPad is to use Apple's Pages app. The app is free and offers a full-featured document editor, similar to Microsoft Word. To cross out text using Pages, select any text within the app, tap the "Paintbrush" icon in the top menu, then tap the "Strike Through" button in the pop-up menu