Did you know?

The most professional PDF software is PDF editor apps. When you need to replace an image, change the text in a PDF, add new form fields, or edit anything else in a PDF, they're the apps you need. They can also create new PDF documents and forms from scratch
There are dedicated iPhone Fax apps that can send Fax from iPhone directly without using any traditional Fax machine. With a Fax app for iPhone, you can receive faxes and fax PDF documents or pictures from iPhone or iPad. These online fax apps are coming in handy, and you can replace traditional fax devices with the iPhone
PDF stands for Portable Document Format, which you’ll usually see denoted with a .pdf file extension. Essentially, PDF is a file format type that has become one of the most important and widely used file formats for documents. You convert documents into PDFs — portable document formats — to make them easier to share across platforms