Did you know?

For many businesses, e-signature software has revolutionized day-to-day processes. Rather than print a legal document, mail it to your signer and wait for them to sign it and send it back, you can send a single email and wait for the reply with your fully signed document. The list we’ve outlined here includes any e-signature solution with an available free offering. They may only support one user or one project, but they’re truly free offerings
Does eSign Genie allow electronic signature on PDF and Word documents. eSign Genie allows both PDF and word upload while preparing the templates or documents for online signature; however, PDF is our preferred format. eSign Genie service allows you to pull documents from Google Drive as well as other platforms directly to send for the online signature
I’ve opened PDFs on browsers and had them read fine, while the issue there was that you couldn’t click and edit them. I downloaded this app hoping it would solve that problem and be an improvement over the web version, which says it has accessibility settings but often shows the document as completely blank. I’m sure you’re capable of figuring out how to make PDFs both readable and editable for screen reader / voiceover users when other avenues are only one step away from having that be the case