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So if you have the Apple pencil, you cannot use it to sign the document, but to can use it to create a stored signature that is inserted into the document. I would much rather sign on the document itself as the whole point is to sign and not insert the same exact stored copy of my signature into every document. Which is odd because the Check-Box feature is very well done so they are doing context checking.Lastly, it would be nice to be able to use the Pencil instead of my finger to do the field inserts--that might be a feature, but it didn't occur when I tapped my pencil--the pencil only seemed to select and then create my pre-created signature or initials
I love that I can complete signatures and documents from the phone app in addition to using my desktop. We have improved engagement with our families , and increased dramatically the amount of crucial signatures needed for our program. I have not heard any complaints that the interface is difficult or confusing, instead have heard feedback that it is easy to use.Most importantly is the ability to sign on mobile phone, this has been a game changer for us
Maybe you just need to sign a document or fill out a form. Luckily we found easy and fast ways to edit a PDF file on an iPhone ($899 at Amazon) and Android phone, as well as on a Mac and PC. I'll walk you through basics like adding text, signing documents, adding annotations and filling out forms