Did you know?

Right-click the OneDrive cloud icon in the taskbar and select Settings. Go to Windows Explorer, right-click OneDrive and select Properties; in the General tab, by Attributes, check the box next to Hidden. Then on the Taskbar, right-click OneDrive again and select Close OneDrive
On the canvas, click the table drop-down arrow and then specify whether the data includes field names in the first row. If so, these names will become the field names in Tableau. If field names are not included, Tableau generates them automatically
For all those who do not know, there is no separate Microsoft PDF editor or Microsoft PDF writer available, but the famous built-in word program can be used to edit PDF files. In other words, we can regard Microsoft word as the Microsoft PDF editor to do our daily tasks such as editing PDF files, creating new PDF files, or saving word documents as PDF documents. Here's the detailed guide on how you can edit PDF files with this Microsoft PDF editor