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DEFENDANT/RESPONDENT: APPLICATION AND ORDER FOR MODIFICATION OF SENTENCE/PROBATION CASE NUMBER: 1. I, the undersigned, petition the above-entitled Court and the District Attorney for the following modification of sentence (for example: jail surrender date, re-referral to program, etc.) (Yo, el abajo firmante, peticiona la Corte y al Fiscal para la siguiente modificación de sentencia (extensión de fecha para entregarse a la cárcel, extensión para matricularse o completar un programa, etc.): 2
Generally, an individual must wait one year following the sentencing to file a petition for sentence reduction. A sentence must contain a complete subject (person, place, or thing) and a verb (what the subject is doing) in order to make sense
To the best of my knowledge and belief, there are no unserved warrants or detainers or concurrent or consecutive sentences that would prevent the defendant from entering a residential treatment facility. (s) ; or the Defendant is currently serving a sentence on Case No