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Poverty reduction and growth strategies are used in IMF-supported programs to (1) link proposed program policies with the member’s poverty reduction and growth objectives, (2) preserve national ownership of the poverty reduction strategy process, and (3) provide flexibility in scope and coverage to reflect particular country circumstances. These documents are required for completion of reviews under IMF-supported programs under the ECF, and also those under the SCF and PSI with an initial duration of more than two years. Reaching the Heavily Indebted Poor Country decision or completion points also requires meeting Poverty Reduction Strategy requirements. IMF work on poverty reduction issues draws heavily on World Bank expertise and advice. 
The Great Lakes Towing Company, Ashtabula, Cuyahoga and Lucas Counties, $1,992,033 for a portion of the engine components to replace eight Tier 0 tugboats with four new tugboats with tier 3 emission rated engines, including diesel-electric hybrids, #V18F-001. This project was reviewed and selected through the DERA Option, to match $804,482 awarded by U.S. EPA to Ohio EPA under the Diesel Emission Reduction Act state allocations for 2017 and 2018