Did you know?
django-money can be configured to automatically use this app for currency conversions by settings AUTO_CONVERT_MONEY = True in your Django settings. Note that currency conversion is a lossy process, so automatic conversion is usually a good strategy only for very simple use cases. For most use cases you will need to be clear about exactly when currency conversion occurs, and automatic conversion can hide bugs
“A recursive login, as used to be possible in the good old days, no longer works; for most purposes su(1) is a satisfactory substitute. If one uses the command login, then the surrounding shell gets killed by vhangup() because it’s no longer the true owner of the tty. This can be avoided by using exec login in a top-level shell or xterm.” But still, the fact remains you can use su and specify the shell which therefore overrides the so-called disabled account
The documents we got back include all the fields for each document that were indexed. If you want to restrict the fields in the response, you can use the fl parameter, which takes a comma-separated list of field names. This is one of the available fields on the query form in the Admin UI