Did you know?

Preview — Preview is the default PDF editor that comes bundled with Mac OS X, and is actually a pretty decent tool for basic PDF editing tasks. But in our testing, annotations made in Preview sometimes didn’t display correctly in other PDF editors, and if you work with PDFs frequently, you’ll soon hit the limit of what Preview is capable of. Preview is “fine” for occasional PDF editing, but for anything more you’re going to want a more powerful PDF editor in your arsenal
PDF files are commonly used when sharing documents with colleagues or friends. Companies often use PDF files to share textual data, such as reports, agreements, research, etc. Considering sensitive and private information that others can find in the PDF document, before sharing a PDF file, you may need to check the document for sensitive content or to trace your private information
Whether you’re using them for business, school, or general use, PDF files are a fantastic way to share information. The great thing about PDF documents is that their content doesn’t change no matter what kind of program you use to open them or what device you’re viewing them on. This makes PDF documents ideal for important information that could be open to misinterpretation if the document’s style or formatting was changed