Did you know?

The combined maximum hunting and trapping bag limit is five wolves per person during the 2020-21 season. Five wolves can be taken by means of hunting each with a valid Wolf License. 15, 2020-Feb 28, 2021, with a valid Trapping License and upon completion of mandatory one-time wolf-trapping certification
No person shall operate an unregistered vehicle on roads under the control of the Division of Fish and Wildlife. All motor vehicles are restricted to established public roads and parking areas. The use of dog sleds and dog carts, off-road vehicles, ATVs, motorized trailbikes or snowmobiles is prohibited on all Wildlife Management Areas unless authorized by the Division
For phase two, MDIFW increased the number of hunting permits in the western half of zone 4 (6% of Maine's core moose range) in fall 2021 to reduce the moose population density. In the eastern half of zone 4 as well as all other zones open to moose hunting, moose permits will remain at normal levels. In addition, biologists will continue aerial surveys and monitoring calves with GPS collars